Pakihi Workshops

Up to 200 nationwide Pakihi Workshops are supported by the Māori Innovation Fund. Pakihi is a new series of free workshops and mentoring designed to help Māori businesses move forward, flourish and succeed. Pakihi provides new skills, a growth plan, mentoring and connections with other business support organisations  and networking opportunities.

Directly supporting the capacity and capability of Māori business owners

Contributing to  the realisation of Māori potential in business enterprise and entreprenuership

Providing Māori businesses with tools to aid due diligence and sound business practice

Purpose of Pakihi Workshops
Advisors offer professional business advice and mentoring as they work with collectives on business development projects aimed at realising the potential commercial value of the collective’s assets. ​
Pakihi focuses on supporting Māori businesses to:
  • Grow sustainably
  • Become operational as a new business
  • Increase business activity to employ additional staff
  • Progress further into business, industry or tertiary training
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